HOW TO: The Perfect Blowout

The thing I hear most from every client after I blow-dry their hair is “I wish my hair could look like this when I dry it”. Now it can! I broke down simple steps to recreating a salon blowout at home!

Step 1: choosing your product! Prepping the hair with product is so important in having a long lasting, bouncy blowout. I like to start with a blow dry cream on mid-lengths and ends. You want to choose something with heat protection and hold. This is what protects the product from heat damage and helps with longevity. I chose smooth setter from matrix for this blowout.

Apply smooth setter to mid lengths and ends
Apply volume builder to roots for lift and separation.

Step 2: Rough dry the hair After applying the product rough dry the hair with the nozzle facing down. Facing the nose down directs the hairs cuticle downward so that you end up with a smoother less frizzy finish. Dry the hair about 80 percent before using a brush. This will cut your blow-dry time in half.

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The home maintenance of these colors are just as important as the process. These colors fade incredibly fast but there are def ways to prolong it. Say goodbye to hot showers, the cooler the water the better. Cold water keeps the color from washing right now the drain. Professional shampoos are also extremely important. Your stylist doesn’t just sell you product to make money. Nothing will fade your color faster than those drug store shampoos. Dry shampoo is your best freind. Most vivid colors only last in the hair about 12 shampoos so the less you wash your hair the better.
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