Beating Brunnette Brass

In 2015 I was awarded best brunette colorist by Boston Magazine. Winning that award changed everything for me. I was immediately booked solid for months in advance. My book was packed full of brunettes searching for someone that can give them a brown hair-color that wasn’t so damn brassy.

The number 1 reason brown hair becomes brassy is something called natural underlying pigment. Every single brunette in the world has warm undertones naturaly under their hair. Warm colors are red orange and yellow. These colors are shown the second permanent color is put on your hair.

The only difference between Demi permanent and permanent color is that permanent color lightens you natural color and then deposits the chosen color. Lightening brown hair just a couple levels will release those red undertones leaving them always underneath your color. So after a couple weeks of washing those annoying red undertones come back.

To avoid that brassy tone talk to your stylist about Demi permanent hair color. A combination of using Demi permanent hair color and adding highlights and lowlights will give you a dimensional brass free color.

Another great way to control brass in between color appointments is using a toning shampoo these are two of my favorite shampoos for brunettes…

Matrix Brass off

Water Colors Hazelnut

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